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I am used to work in English with International students from all sorts of cultures. Expats and Internationals students or employees are more then welcome!

         As many other international students that need to leave their home country, families and friends, moving and studying abroad can be a stressful experience, even after years. The excitement of the cultural shock slowly fades away and the expats find themselves under a lot of pressure to integrate, to speak the language, to socialize and to forge contacts. This can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Marjan identified the root(s) of my stress and proposed a new sort of therapy for me that I had never heard of before: hypnosis therapy. All I knew about hypnosis were the Hollywood movies in which people are being put to sleep and made to do weird stuff. Obviously, it was not about that. Marjan helped me to immerse myself into hypnotherapy and explained the steps along the way. Looking back, I found it a wonderful and meaningful experience to get to know your (inner) self better. It is a sort of combination between introspection and mindfulness. It helps you relax a great deal, and that is what I needed most. Also, it helps you navigate to the roots of your anxiety/problems, and constructively helps you find them and deal with them. I would totally recommend!

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